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"Hi Terry, Wow! I love your manuals. They're exactly what I was looking for. Step-by-step, paint-by-numbers guide books on starting my online business. And they're so easily readable. I'm confident to REALLY start my internet business."
Joel Christopher
Director- SuccessAccess.com

"Terry Dean has given me more for my money with this program than any other 2 combined. I've known Terry for just about a year now. He helped me get off to a fast start on the Internet, and now that I'm making a Six figure income Online, he's helping me even more..."
Frank Garon

"Hi there, I just finished reading your Manual "Insider's Secret to the Internet: How to Use Email to boost Your Web Site Traffic, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Online!", and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the marketing information you shared! Your manual and resources are the best I've found on Internet Marketing, and believe me, I've read plenty of manuals!"
Tammy Frankel

"Hello Terry Dean, This is Ronny Brodbeck.
What a amazing course you are marketing. I have increased my website hits by 8% in just three days. The 8% increase came from just reading one report, Banner Ads. I look forward to putting the remaining course to work. Thanks for creating a great course
Ronny Brodbeck

"I just read through your course, and it is EXCELLENT. It does exactly what you said it would do--give simple but powerful, step-by-step instructions for designing killer advertising. I've spent thousands of dollars and many years myself on direct marketing courses and seminars, and I know a LOT about the field. This course is the most clearly laid out course for beginners I've read. And for us pros--well, I learned new ideas from every section. And the worksheets are outstanding. Bravo,Terry!!"
Sheldon Nix, Ph.D., Director, The Successful Practice Institute at Eastern College

"And, my final thoughts as I was dozing off around 3:45am this morning!, was that: rarely have I ever ran across an individual so completely willing to share so much, with so much care, concern, detail, mastery and obvious skill as yourself. What a gift you are! At my core, this is what I want to pass along to others."
Dar St. Clair


"26 Year Old College Drop Out Discovers an Incredible New Internet Marketing System That Makes You Money Even While You Sleep"

Hint: He did it by turning his back on every one of the current Internet "experts" and studying what an Advertising "Guru" from the 1920s said about Internet Marketing!

Here is how you can get in on the ground floor of a new cash producing Internet marketing method creating millions of dollars worth of sales.

One day brings in $200. Another one brings $345. Still another jumps up to $783. Then, you get one of those $1,000 + days and end up on cloud nine. You work once, and your Internet web site pays you forever.

Let me stop a moment and tell you my story...

I first got involved in the Internet over three years ago. I was working dead-end jobs trying to squeak out a living. I tried network marketing.  I tried mail order. I even once tried a chain letter. If it is out there and promises to make money, I tried it.

None of that junk ever worked for me. Then, I came across the Internet.  Within 6 months I was earning a full time income and quit my go-nowhere job.  That was 3 years ago and I have never looked back since.

The Internet requires little or no investment, works in days instead of months, and connects you to a world wide market. It is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to the home based entrepreneur.

If you don't currently own an Internet business, then you need to get involved today. There is no quicker and easier way to secure your future and guarantee your own financial freedom.

The marketing plan that first started me off was drawn on a napkin. The site was created using Microsoft Publisher. The product was a simple report I had just bought rights to. The result was an income producing business that continues with me today.

A funny thing happened. When I first started online I was making very good money only working 1 to 2 hours a day. Then, I went full-time and started putting more and more of the Internet marketing techniques I learned from Internet experts into place. Sure, I made a little more money, but soon my life was filled with 10 and 12 hour workdays.

With my lightning fast mind and my wife's daily complaints about working too long, it only took me two years to figure out something was wrong with this picture.

Why not go back to the basics again...Apply the knowledge I learned from my 3 years experience online...and develop dozens of little "Instant Cashlow" businesses which only require a minimal personal involvement in each.

No more 12 hour days...Only instant businesses each producing multiple streams of income while I work, play, eat, or sleep. They just chug along bringing in the cash every day.

It is one million times better for me and my lifestyle than all of the other Internet techniques I learned from today's marketing "guru's." Once you see it, I am sure you will agree.

My new (I guess I should refer to it as old since it was invented over 75 years ago) Internet strategy will show you:

  • How to track your customers and know exactly how much every single visitor is worth to your web site...and how this affects your bottom line.
  • How to use a FREE program which can show you how many visitors you have, which pages they visited at your site, and what keywords they used to get there.
  • 90 Free Programs you could use to track your stats
  • 28 Free Or Low Cost Ways to Start Your Own Affilate Program
  • How to absolutely, positively know the best sites to advertise on using proven and "Scientific" Internet marketing methods.
  • Why the "content" model 99% of Internet experts are presenting just doesn't work for the majority of web sites. One of the reasons is that you end up competing with large corporations who have dozens of workers assigned to beat you out...and why my "Scientific Internet Advertising" system is 100 times more powerful.
  • Why simplicity (and not technology) is the key to your success on the Internet.
  • How to get a "starving crowd" of hungry customers to visit your web site.
  • How to create a Unique Selling Position which completely eliminates all product sales resistance.
  • How to sell 5 times as much in any affiliate program than every one of the other affiliates in the same program.
  • Learn the "Insider Secret" software millionaires use to create wealth online...and how you can follow in the exact footsteps with your current products

These are just a few of the techniques which I have learned in my Internet experience. Not only will you learn all of this, but you will also learn insider secrets such as:

  • A "Secret" technique to Increasing Your Prices while at the same time doubling or tripling your response rates.
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your web site using a technique which has been around for years, but most Internet Insiders have never even heard of it.
  • How to increase your response rates by 27% by adding one specific thing to all of your pages.
  • Why you are probably currently selling the HARD way online...and how one change in your mindset makes selling online 1000% easier.
  • The one specific "test" you can do to find out whether you selling the "right" product for the Internet.
  • The "Mastermind" technique we used to double our response rates...using only two words!
  • 2 "Devious" Little plans we use to choose the best headline for our products and services within 24 hours...
  • 5 Quick and Easy Steps for increasing your headline's effectiveness.
  • How understanding the 4 Powerful Human Motivators will affect your web site's selling process.
  • How to make your product ten times more valuable in your customer's eyes without spending one extra red cent.
  • How to make every one of your web site visitors feel special...and how this causes them to whip out their credit cards and order from you.
  • How the word "FREE" could actually hurt your web site...and how to make sure this word is only used for "Good" results.
  • How to Design the absolute best selling process for any web site...and how I can prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt!
  • Why being an expert with the computer can cost you money...and why some of the most successful Internet marketers barely know how to turn it on.
  • The One Lie Internet marketing experts tell you which has cost me 50% of my sales for 2 years!
  • How to use the right graphics to double your sales rates.
  • Which kinds of graphics cost you money.
  • A neat "html" trick for making your pages load faster...and causes more traffic to stay longer and buy more.
  • How to Know if Your Product is going to be a "Big Flop" online before you start advertising it.
  • How to pick a winning Internet product in 2 simple steps
  • My 5 "rules" about any product or project idea...if you want to maximum money in minimum time.
  • 3 Ways Any Internet business can increase their profits...
  • The Terry Dean quick and easy three step method for spotting Hot Internet Trends
  • How to spend 1/10th of your current time working online...and make 10 times the profits doing it.
  • Why working too long and hard will hurt your Internet business
  • My Quick and Easy 7 Step Formula for Advertising any Web Site...Advertising online is easy, if you know this simple formula
  • The absolute best way to spend your advertising money...no if's, and's, or but's!
  • You need good ad copy...but learn the 1 Specific Technique that can be 1,000 times more important to the success of your web site than your ad copy.
  • 3 step paint-by-numbers system for coming up with your own Unique Web Position
  • How to Overcome Buyer's Resistance in 90% of your web visitors...and how this can cause you to sell 3000% the number of products you normally do.
  • How understanding one key sales word which starts with a "T" can mean $1,000s of dollars in additional profits to your web business.
  • How to set up a "flawless" and "sweatless" web site selling process where you aren't even involved.
  • Create Your Own Instant Cashflow downloadable information products featuring password protection and more...

All of this is presented in a simple to use formula for web site profits. Once you get ahold of it, you will begin following the plan immediately. Then, you will refer back to it again and again...

Tips such as:

  • Step-by-Step Start-Up Guide - How to Pick a domain name. Which web host to choose. Where to get a free merchant account. How to take orders. How to fulfill orders.
  • How to develop dozens of multiple streams of income which all run on auto-pilot
  • How to spot an Internet leech who is waiting to suck your last drop of life's blood and creativity out of you.
  • How to spot a diamond in the rough just waiting to help you earn thousands of dollars in new profits
  • The 3 Laws of Joint Venture marketing...and why most JV deals flop (Joint Venture marketing is the quickest way to earn big profits in a short period of time when done correctly)
  • How to Start your Own Affiliate Program...and how to build a huge affiliate network with tens of thousands of people selling your products for you.
  • 4 Rules for having a successful affiliate program
  • 3 Ways to Build Credibility in front of your customers...and how much it will cost you if you don't!
  • The ONE reason people buy...and how this affects your sales
  • The Right Questions to ask any web designer...and why most $15,000 web sites don't sell!
  • The 2 words a web designer says which cost you money...and why you should run for your life if you hear them.
  • The web design software that only takes minutes to learn a 5 year old child could use (or her 70 year old grandma).
  • The greatest secret to becoming an awesome copywriter...and how anyone who has the guts can do it.
  • Giving your product the right title can jump it's effectiveness by 300% or more...and I have proven it.
  • The 3 jobs your title must do...or you will miss out on hundreds of sales.
  • The biggest reason for Internet marketing failure...and how to avoid it at all costs.

I have correctly titled this new electronic manual "Scientific Internet Advertising" as it reveals the ONLY Scientifically tested and proven method for making money online in the quickest and easiest manner.

It will show you step-by-step how to apply scientific advertising methods to your web business...all the way to the bank.

I currently own dozens of web sites which all generate profits for me every single day and I have tested practically every advertising method available online.

For example:

  • I have tried the mall method. It made money for me, but it required a huge investment of both time and money...AND it only produced about 1/10 the amount of income my new system does in the same amount of time.
  • I used the free content method. I have built up a site with 253 pages full of targeted specific niche content. The problem was that it took 7 times the effort to sell anything on that site since everyone was there for the "Free" stuff.
  • I run my own ezine.  It has 35,000 subscribers and it produces thousands of dollars weekly in income. Like I said, I will continue to publish it since it makes so much money, but it is the biggest responsibility and the largest amount of work I do all week coming up with this content...and it has been eclipsed already in income by these other simple methods. By the way, my course does tell you how to make maximum money from your ezine every single week if you want one.

Sure I made a little money with all of those methods, but I also had to work my butt off every day to do it.

This new system (or should I say old) is so simple to use and easy to follow that creating wealth using the Internet is no longer just a possibility...it is the eventual destination for every project.

There is nothing like it.

You can create a site in 30 to 60 minutes using this simple to use formula. Submit to a few search engines. Place a couple of classified ads in ezines. Do a couple of other techniques I am keeping as a secret for only the paying members...and Presto...You can be making money.

"If none of the Internet 'experts' taught you, who did you learn the basic foundation of this information from?" you may ask.

The basic foundation came from a man who knew more about Internet marketing in his day than 99.9% of today's experts...even though the Internet wouldn't even be invented for another 50 years.

His name is Claude Hopkins and he is the original writer of a book called "Scientific Advertising." It is now considered the "textbook" for direct marketers. Most of the self-made millionaires of our day credit at least a part of their success to this one book written so long ago.

A few of them will even tell you they read "Scientific Advertising" over 50 times and kept learning new things with every reading. It has taught me more about Internet marketing than any "Internet marketing" book, course, audio tape, or video set out there.

The copyright to Claude Hopkin's book has now expired so it is part of public domain. So, I used it as a model to this new course showing you the "Scientific" methods to Internet advertising.

The 138 page "Scientific Internet Advertising" manual includes every word of Claude Hopkin's original text, but it also includes over 75 pages of unique proprietary Internet marketing techniques...and specific steps of how to apply everything that has ever been taught about direct marketing to your Internet business...so you have all of the information you will ever need right at your fingertips to...

"Quickly and Easily Set Up Your Own Auto-Pilot Cash Producing Internet Business...100% Guaranteed"

I used my own "formula" for success to put up a new web site. It took me around 30 minutes to design. I placed a classified ad in one ezine which cost me $45. Then, the next day I checked my email and found out I had earned $674 overnight.

Do I get results this quick every time I put my little system to work?  No...Once in a while I even come up with an idea that bombs and only breaks even. So, I scrap it and go on. The next week I just do a different project.

Plus, if you take action on this today you'll get three special free bonuses that will make using my system...or any other system...much easier than you ever imagined.

Free Bonus #1: "The Quick and Easy Web Design Formula"

Sure, you could spend $5,000 having a web site designed for you, or you could spend the next 3 months learning how to use programs such as Adobe Go Live, Microsoft Frontpage, and the others.

OR...you could use this simple formula to create any web site in a couple of hours (including any sales letters) which is proven to make you more money than any $5,000 site you could ever have designed.

This short 9 page report focuses on what you need to know to make money with your web site design. We have cut through all the hype, the fluff, and the wasted effort to to create the quickest and easiest web sites you will ever imagine.

The value of this report is a minimum of $99 which is the lowest price you could ever pay a web site designer to design one page of your site. The actual value of this report is unlimited as it will show you step-by-step how to design as many profitable sites as you want from now on.

Free Bonus #2: "7 Steps to Internet Profits"

This report is a by-product of a consultation I did with a newbie to Internet marketing recently. They told me they had searched the Internet for over 8 hours a day for the past month and couldn't find a specific starter system for advertsing online.

They said they read thousands of ezine articles, looked at hundreds of sites, and bought several expensive Internet marketing courses. They taught her a few methods, but no one gave her a "Roadmap" of what to do to get started advertising on a very limited budget.

So, I charged her a large fee and gave her the step-by-step plan I use to build each of my sites to profitability within the first month.

This got me to thinking and I realized there are thousands of other people who are in this same predicament. So, I wrote down the system which I explained to her on the phone so you could follow in our footsteps at a fraction of the cost.

The value of this product isn't really based in money. It is based in time...If you search the Internet 24 hours a day for the next month, you will NOT find a "Roadmap to Internet advertising" that even comes close.

Free Bonus #3: "7 Secret Web Site Strategies You're Not Supposed to Know"

In this short 5 page report, I have detailed specific web site strategies that you won't see anywhere else, including: how to create pop-up Java boxes on your site, how to grow your opt-in list 1500% faster than ever before, how to personalize your web site for it's visitors, and more.  

I am a very experienced webmaster and web marketer, and this report will teach you more about Internet marketing in 5 minutes than most "gurus" could teach you in the next 30 days...

Warning: This report is not for the squeamish or those who are afraid of aggressive money making web site strategies...

Plus, it all comes with My Personal Satisfaction No Questions Asked Risk-Free Guarantee...

I can't guarantee you will become a success. I don't know what you are selling. You may be selling a dead duck and it just won't fly. If you are selling chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other crap, then there is nothing I can do for you. Not even my almost "foolproof" Internet system can work for that.

What I can guarantee you is that my system is the most Scientific Internet Advertising system ever created. If anything can make your product a success, this will. This Maximum Money Scientific Internet Advertising system is quicker and easier to use...and will outsell any other product on the market (including the courses which sell for $197.00 or more).

Not only that, but I personally guarantee you will come up with more Internet marketing ideas after reading this new book than you've ever imagined. And when you put these new ideas in place, many (not all) of them will begin to pump you out a new automated stream of income.

If you actually follow this system, you will soon be earning multiple streams of income from your Internet business.

Plus, you get my exclusive 100 times your Money Guarantee. I am so sure you will earn money following my system that I personally guarantee you will earn a minimum of 100 times your money through this book ($2,997)...if not tens of thousands more.

If you don't, I demand you contact me immediately to receive a full refund of your $19.95...

Yes, that's right.  It's ONLY $19.95...if you take action now.

All of the ideas are yours to keep and you never have to pay me one red cent in contingency fees for using them.

No matter what happens, you get to keep the book and both of the bonuses since they are electronic and never need to be returned...

Sure, I spent well over $30,000 testing and developing this system, but since it is brand new and I want to get a few copies in circulation right now, I am going to start it off with an introductory price of only $19.95

This includes the 138 page "Scientific Internet Advertising" book, the "Quick & Easy Web Design Formula" Special Report, the "7 Steps to Internet Profits" traffic building guide, and "7 Secret Web Site Strategies You're Not Supposed to Know"

You will receive instructions to download all four manuals immediately upon purchase in an Easy to Read Adobe Acrobat format which can be opened on any computer by simply taking action today...Click here now to order.

Yours in Success,

Terry Dean

P.S. I dare you to buy this product...and any other Internet marketing book out there. Put both of them to a test. If this package doesn't beat anything you can find out there...at any price...then I demand you come back to me and tell me so I can refund your money immediately.  Click here now to order...

P.P.S. Remember, you get instant access to the "Scientific Internet Advertising" manual and all three bonuses immediately on purchase.  PLUS, you have a full money back guarantee with No questions asked and without ever having to return anything. 

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