This is the transcript of a cassette tape course on mail order by Russ von Hoelscher and T.J. and Eileen Rohleder. These people have made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in mail order, and they tell us all their secrets in this 7 week course!

The tape course orginally sold for $197, but you can have this transcript for a small fraction of that price -- just just $29.95!

Just check out the tape titles and click on the ones that interest you -- you will see a bulleted list of SOME of the secrets techniques that are on the tapes and that have made these people so wealthy . . .

I'm sure I'll have a more "proper" explanation of the whole thing later, but for now I think these lists will give you a good rundown on the wealth of information at your disposal when you have this mail-order success course.

Best of success to you in your business ventures!

Paul Galloway

Direct Response Millionaire Matrix-- $29.95 Postpaid -- Get it NOW!



Week #1

Week #2

    Tape #3A -- Finding the Perfect Product or Service
    Tape #3B -- The Ultimate Product that Can Make You Rich

Week #3

    Tape #4A -- Leverage Strategies that Produce Wealth
    Tape #4B -- Space Ad Secrets

Week #4

    Tape #5A -- Direct Mail Millions - Part 1
    Tape #5B -- Direct Mail Millions - Part 2

Week #5

Week #6

Week #7

Direct Response Millionaire Matrix-- $29.95 Postpaid -- Get it NOW!

Tape #1a -- Introduction
  • How to make sure all your future product ideas are great!
  • How to use our methods to learn how to get rich in just 7 weeks!
    Tape #1b -- The Millionaire Mindset
  • The 7 foundational steps to become a millionaire.
    Tape #2a -- The ABC Wealth Formula
  • How "roll-outs" can make you a multi-millionaire!
  • The #1 reason that people will buy from you!
  • Simple market research can make you a millionaire in no time flat!
  • The two simple Marketing goals you need to be a multi-millionaire.
  • How you can get rich "cornering your market."
  • The secret many multi-million dollar companies used to start from home!
  • A powerful money-making secret that never fails!
  • The primary motivating force that will get people to send their money to you!
  • Little tiny niches can make you a fortune!
  • An easy way to "fine-tune" your Marketing to make it super P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L!
  • One simple question could make you a millionaire many times over!
  • How to develop your very own step-by-step multi-million dollar Marketing strategy!
    Tape #2b -- The USP Positioniong Strategy
  • Psychology that will fill your bank account.
  • How you can double or triple your original investment in a few short weeks!
  • How to make people want to spend their money with you instead of another company! It's very easy when you know how!
  • Why most businesses "really" fail.
  • Your "positioning strategy" can put mega bucks into your bank account!
  • The amazing secret to automatically increasing your profits!
  • How to make 20 times more money than your competitors!
  • Go to Millionaire's Training School! Learn the correct way to make millions!
  • Why other people's "problems" can = M-O-N-E-Y for you!
  • "Position" your product to make HUGE amounts of money!
  • How to create a simple business plan that will allow you to make money for the rest of your life! It's easy when you know how.
    Tape #3a -- Finding the Perfect Product or Service
  • Why some really GREAT ideas fail.
  • How to turn your hobby into thousands of dollars a week!
  • How you can make money with any product -- NO MATTER WHAT IT IS!
  • "Inside Information" that can put thousand of dollars in your pocket!
  • What is the one thing all millionaires have in common?
  • When should you make your ad small -- and when to make it big?
  • Where will your biggest P-R-O-F-I-T-S come from?
  • How to build your own financial cushion that will never let you fail!
  • How to "zero in" on the exact needs of your prospects and customers -- and make HUGE WADS OF CASH!!
  • The safest and most profitable way for you to make money.
  • You can make a fortune by studying people -- and understanding them!
  • The quickest way you can learn how to become a millionaire!
  • How million dollar companies can make you piles of money!
  • How to get the most leverage from your profits!
    Tape #3b -- The Ultimate Product that Can Make You Rich!
  • How personalization can make you a small fortune!
  • How to make a small fortune part time!
  • What is the fastest way to turn $1,000.00 into $10,000.00?
  • How to secretly entice people to buy from you!
  • How a little self promotion can make you RICH!
  • How to turn you inside knowledge into hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!
  • Why making millions can be as easy as 1-2-3!
  • The quickest way to learn how to become a millionaire!
    Tape #4a -- Leverage Strategies that Produce Wealth
  • The ultimate win/win situation that can make you RICH!
  • How to completely minimize any loss that you may have!
  • How to instantly break out of the crowd and make your presence known!
  • How to run your ad for up to HALF the cost others pay!
  • How to easily break into a new market place with a BIG BANG!
  • How a simple 30 to 50 page report can make you $250.000 a year or more!
  • Do this one simple thing and BOOST YOUR PROFITS!
  • Why your small ad can be thirty times better than your big ad!
  • How to test expensive ads in national magazines for dirt cheap prices!
  • One concept that is making many marketers super rich!
  • The one thing that can make your ads up to 19 times more profitable!
  • Your little, tiny, inexpensive ads can generate thousands and thousands of cash orders!
  • The trick to writing small ads that bring in money like crazy!
  • The secret to making up to $500,000 a year with newspaper advertising!
  • Where will your customers come from?
  • How to "target" your news release to make 100 times more money!
  • How research = big bucks!
  • IT'S TRUE! Mail-order millionaires are no smarter than you are!
  • How to make every ad a SUPER SALESMAN for your offer!
  • How to make your ad pull up to 50 times more orders!
  • How to make BIG PROFITS with NO INVESTMENT!
  • How to make a small fortune part time!
  • Newspaper and magazine editors will help you get rich!
  • How to turn your enthusiasm into major dollars!
  • How to get high-pulling mailing list at absolutely no charge!
  • The SMART WAY to make money starting with zero!
  • How mail-order millionaires make their ads PERFECT!
  • One very creative way to get free advertising!
  • Why magazine editors will give you thousands of dollars worth of free advertising.
  • How to get the very best dollar-for-dollar return on your money!
  • How to get rich with radio!
    Tape #4b -- Space Ad Secrets
  • How you can actually pull people into your ad!
  • Classified ads can make you a F-O-R-T-U-N-E!
  • How to turn non-buyers into buyers!
  • Command copy can make you very RICH!
  • How you can easily find ideas that will sell like CRAZY!
  • How to reach millions of people for dirt cheap prices!
  • How to make the most money from the least possible investment!
  • How to steal new customers away from your competition!
  • How to target your ads to bring in the most money possible!
  • How can you know if your ad is good -- or bad?
  • Make your ad "shout!"
  • Why your ad can even be ugly looking and still make you a lot of money!
  • Why your ad can even be ugly looking and still make you a lot of money!
  • Make it almost impossible for people NOT to read your ad!
  • How to attract customers away from your competitors.
  • How to make the most money from every ad you run!
  • How to make a financial killing on all your ads!
  • How to keep your cash flow flowing like crazy!
  • The right magazines and newspapers can make you the next mail-order millionaire!
  • The power of advertising can make you a millionaire!
  • One sure-fire way to make your ad up to 300% more effective!
  • Unleash your full money-making power!
  • How to give your product or service a HUGE perceived value!
  • Here are four words that can make you a lot of money!
    Tape #5a -- Direct Mail Millions - Part 1
  • 3 Proven ways to get rich in direct mail Marketing!
  • How to easily tell if one idea is better than another idea!
  • How you can do a little homework that will pay you very large amounts of money!
  • How to compete with companies that are many times your size!
  • How making money can be very scientific!
  • How to find the shortest-safest-least expensive-most profitable Marketing method that can make you RICH!
  • How you can even make a profit on people who don't buy from you!
  • Repeat business can make you rich! Find out exactly how you can get it!
  • How you can instantly double or even triple your profits in less than 30 days!
  • New ideas that can make you a fortune!
  • Where are the big gaps in the market place that you can fill and make a bundle?
  • 2 ways to get 10-times more money from your customer base!
  • One way to save a lot of money on your postage expenses!
  • The secret to getting thousands of new customers every year!
  • You can make over $1,000 a day with your knowledge!
  • How to make your mailing package impossible to refuse!
  • How to make a lot of money by "educating" your customers!
  • Why joint ventures can make you RICH!
  • How "one percent" can make you H-U-G-E amounts of money
  • How "locking customers in" can make you big bucks!
  • How to get more ideas than you can possibly use!
    Tape #5b -- Direct Mail Millions - Part 2
  • How you can attract cash-paying customers.
  • How to cash in during your inspirational moments!
  • Why the right mailing list can make you the easiest money in the world!
  • How to spy on your competition and get all sort of valuable information that will put BIG dollars in your pocket!
  • Make 100% sure that no one ever steals your mailing list!
  • Specialized Response Techniques will make you one of the richest people in your area!
  • How to test the waters "before" you jump in!
  • 3 proven ways to GET RICH WITH MAILING LISTS!
  • What can you do to make your mailing list worth a ton of money?
  • The ultimate secret you can use to make completely sure your sales letter gets read!!
  • YES! -- Doing special "homework" can make you R-I-C-H!
  • How to "tune in" to your market -- and really cash in!
  • How can a good graphic artist make you thousands of extra dollars a year?
  • The three rules for making millions of dollars with direct-Marketing.
  • What is background information? Why can it make you a fortune?
  • Little tiny mail-order companies across the United States can make you rich!
  • Why some mailing lists are worth 10 times more money than others!
  • How to make money by helping your competitors make money!
  • How to make as much money as you want for the rest of your life!
  • Why some people always make money in mail-order!
  • A very unique way you can cash in with mailing lists!
  • A very unusual way to get all your advertising for FREE!
  • What kinds of mailing lists will make you the most money?
  • An easy way to put million-dollar money making projects together.
  • Why will one price beat another?
  • How to create the perfect "pitch" to sell your product or service!
  • Why it doesn't matter how much money you charge for your product or service!
  • A cheap, effective way to "test" your market!
  • Very simple English can make you RICH!
  • How to figure out your costs the right way to make a maximum profit!
  • How to get the extremely valuable names of people who have bought from your competitors -- WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY!
    Tape #6a -- Million Dollar Copy!
  • How to write ads that will sell like crazy!
  • How you can make people want to do more business with you!
  • How you can persuade people to pull out their checkbooks, wallets, or purses -- and send their money to you!
  • How you can achieve maximum copy results from minimal effort!
  • One great copy idea that could make a million dollars!
  • The secret copywriting trick to MAXIMIZE your profits!
  • How to systematically lose money to make more money!
  • How you can make your sales letter, "THE PERFECT SALES LETTER!"
  • Little things you do can make people spend even more money with you!
  • The secret to selling to millions of people!
  • How to "fine-tune" your Marketing -- TO MAKE SURE YOU TURN HE BIGGEST PROFITS EVER!!
  • Why good mail-order advertising copy can make you MILLIONS!!
  • How to make your headlines "jump" out from the page of your sales letter!
  • A simple trick you can use to become a master copywriter!
  • A powerful method to get more people to send you more money.
  • Follow your money making hunches! They can make you RICH if you know the secret!
  • Make thousands of dollars with single word!
  • The easiest way to make your claims believable.
  • Just goofing off can make you money -- IF -- you know how to do it!
  • How to persuade people who don't know you to send you their hard-earned cash.
  • Make more sales -- and pocket more money when you know this simple secret!
  • Increase your profits by up to 1000% with this amazing idea!
  • A really quick way to come up with the perfect headline!
  • How to create the perfect guarantee that will DRAMATICALLY increase your response!
  • How to get up to ten times more money from every ad you run!
    Tape #6b -- Millionaire Secrets that Work!
  • How you can easily double the value of your customers in as little as 30 days!
  • How to easily make more money with your product line!!
  • Find out why and how you can succeed where others have failed!
  • Market research can be extremely easy and help you make millions of dollars!
  • How you can easily price your products for the MAXIMUM PROFITS.
  • How to find the perfect price for your product that will make you the most money!
  • How to easily turn skeptical people into happy, satisfied, cash paying customers!
  • Turn ordinary business problems into cold, hard cash!
  • How you can successfully compete with all the other advertisers.
  • One way to spend a "little bit" extra -- and make a "whole lot more" money!
  • How to start from the comfort of your home and go on to making millions of dollars!
  • How to easily pick and choose the media that will make you the most money!
  • How to strengthen your money-making muscles!
  • The thing that scares most new-comers can make y you R-I-C-H!!
  • Choose from thousands and thousands and thousand of HIGH-PROFIT products!
  • How to break free from the fear of getting rich!
  • How to make up to 300 times more money on one small group of customers!
  • How to make T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D-S of extra dollars 3-to-4 times a year by doing 1 simple thing.
  • Should you use the "positive" approach or the "negative" approach in your ads? Which one will make you more money?
  • Minimum amounts of money can make you maximum amounts of money!
  • The secret of projecting the right image to quickly make up to 100 times more money!
  • A proven way you can easily get yourself out of any business jam you ever encounter!
  • A super easy way to build your mailing list quickly and make money FAST!
  • How to find a gap in the market that can make you RICH!
  • How to find people who are making tons of money and easily duplicate their success! It's easy.
  • How to get a flood of positive testimonials from happy customers which will help you get even more customers!
    Tape #7a -- The RST Get Rich Method
  • How to come up with "the perfect headline" for the best cash-generating ad ever!
  • You can constantly make more and more money by doing one small thing!
  • How to make thousands of extra dollars just by reading your competitors' ads!
  • How to make all your ads and sales letters sell like crazy!
  • This super crash course on how to write "killer" headlines could make you millions of dollars over the course of your lifetime!!
  • How to make your self-mailer pull 50% more cash orders!
  • How long should your ads be to make the very most CASH possible?
  • You can take all of the "guess-work" out of making HUGE amounts of money!
  • Hidden secrets to make your ad extremely profitable!!
  • A simple thing you can do to pull in more O-R-D-E-R-S!
  • How to "construct your offer" in such a way that you are guaranteed to make the most money possible!
  • The #1 secret professional copywriters use to make their clients millions of dollars -- and how you can use it too!
  • How to best learn from the multi-millionairs!
  • How to make writing your ads and sales letters super easy--and extremely profitable!!
  • The easiest, least expensive, most profitable, rewarding method you can use to make money!
  • How to legally "steal" something that could be worth millions to you!
  • A rare, little-known way to make your ad STAND OUT!
  • Dozens of different ways to cash in on your creativity!
  • Just one or two very small ideas can put you "light years" ahead of your competitors!
  • The most powerful words and phrases you can use to turn your small ads into super MONEY PULLERS!
  • How to generate ideas that can make you financially free!
  • A little preparation work can make you EXTREMELY WEALTHY! And hardly anyone is doing this!
  • How to find the perfect product or service that will sell like CRAZY!
  • Hidden secrets from the highest paid copywriters in the world!
  • How to get an instant advantage over almost every other company!
    Tape #7b -- The Profit Matrix
  • Just knowing what people want can make you millions and millions of dollars!
  • How you can start with very little -- and have money in your pocket in just 21 days or less!
  • Why "easy" spells M-O-N-E-Y --and lots of it!!
  • You can charge up to three times more money for your product or service AND PEOPLE WILL STILL BUY FROM YOU!
  • How to choose a mailing list you know will make you money!
  • Never get stuck with unsold inventory!
  • Your money making ideas can make you RICH!
  • How you can get people to buy from you VERY QUICKLY -- by using a small ad!
  • The easiest and fastest way to make as much money as you want!
  • Proven ways to "quadruple" your income by making more money from your customer base!
  • 7 things that can boost your response by up to 500%!!
  • How to sell to the skeptics!
  • How to "kill" your competitors in the market place.
  • How to ask your customers for more money than your competition is asking for and GET IT!
  • How mailing lists can make you an instant millionaire!
  • Let your customers know one thing and triple your profits!
  • Make all of your ads SUPER BELIEVABLE by doing one simple and easy thing.
  • How repeat offers can make you many thousands of dollars!
  • Many business people are leaving millions of dollars "on the table" because they are not doing one simple thing!
  • How to drastically increase your sales by up to 1000% just by doing one simple, but powerful thing.
  • How to find the best price for your product or service.
    Tape #8a -- 21st Century Goldmine!
  • Super powerful ways to sell your informational products -- like magic!
  • Which products will always sell by mail?
  • "Direct involvement" can make you a multi-millionaire.
  • Products you can easily sell by mail! Always!
  • How to catch the wave of the future millions!
  • Becoming a certain kind of "expert" can make the money come rolling in like crazy!! And it's so EASY TO DO!
  • Proven ways to instantly increase your profits!
  • How to market yourself for BIG BUCKS!
  • How you can make more money pound for pound with small ads!
  • How you can make MORE MONEY from cheap little ads than you can from big ones!
  • How to shrink your big ad down WITHOUT MAKING IT LOSE ITS PULLING POWER!!
  • One thing that can make you up to TWO TIMES MORE MONEY on your small ads.
  • Up to 1000% more money can be yours by using these special Marketing techniques.
  • How to appeal to your prospects' "self-intersts" and instantly show them that you have what THEY WANT!
  • How to fire your boss! FOREVER!
  • The best way to get winning ideas for your ads that will sell like crazy!
  • There are dozens of ways you can get the money to get started, even if you are flat broke, and use it to make millions!
  • How to get started for hardly anything and quickly turn it into BIG PROFITS in as little as 30 days!
    Tape #8b -- The Fast Track Wealth Strategy
  • How to write a book that will make you thousands of dollars!
  • Two things you absolutely MUST DO to make your fortune.
  • Ghost writers can make you RICH!
  • An important reason why catalog housed desperately need new products all the time...and why they will PUSH YOURS LIKE CRAZY!!
  • How to save BIG BUCKS on printing!
  • How to make 100% sure that you always have enough profit left over for yourself!
  • How to build a money-making business that will set you up for life!
  • How to set HUGE money making goals and then reach them!
  • 2 things you can do to make your company a super force to be reconciled with!
  • A simple "game plan" that can make you up to $1,000,000.000 a year OR MORE!!
  • How your "imagination" can help you GET RICH!
  • The secret you must have - to make HUGE SUMS OF MONEY WITH DIRECT MAIL!
  • The greatest scientific money-making formula in the works!
  • THE REAL SECRET to writing small ads that produce big dollars!
  • Never worry about money ever again! Learn the two things necessary to your home-based small business success!
  • A good attorney will NOT cost you anything--they can help you get RICH!!
  • CASH-IN by being a private money making investigator!
  • The four "legal" rules that you must follow if you want to get rich.
  • The PERFECT mail-order product that can make you financially independent for life!
  • How Direct Marketing can be your financial security for life!
  • The easiest way to find out what strategies will make you the most money.
  • A simple way to get your customers to help you make more money!
  • "Why" will people give you their money for your product or service?
  • How to double or triple your income every year!
  • How to get a flood of creative ideas that will help you make even more money ANY TIME YOU WANT!
  • You can learn the "scientific" approach to making HUGE amounts of money!!

    Direct Response Millionaire Matrix-- $29.95 Postpaid -- Get it NOW!

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