Finally, The Web Design Tricks You've Always Wanted To Know How To Do...

65 Fast and Easy To Implement Web Design Secrets You Can Use To Transform Any Sloppy, Ugly Website Into A Cool, Crisp, Sharp, And Functional Internet Masterpiece

If you've ever wondered how to...

  • Create tables with rounded corners
  • Add a deadline for your bonuses
  • Password-protect your web site
  • Make a graphic act as a button
  • And other web design tricks that will make your website professional looking, functional, and easy to use

 ... then you're going to LOVE what I'm about to show you!

If you're like most people, you've probably seen something neat on someone else's website and thought, "Hey! I wish I could do something like that on MY website." 

But you didn't know where to turn to learn how. OR, you couldn't find someone (or some place) that would tell you how to do it in an easy to understand way.

Here's Your Chance To Learn The Most Wanted, 
Most Useful, Coolest Web Design Tips And Secrets 
On The Web To Jazz Up Your Website In An Instant

Finally, there's a way for you to learn all the web design secrets normally reserved for use by the Pros (or the people rich enough to HIRE one of the Pros to do it for them). 

You'll be able to implement these web design tricks and secrets into your own website in no time flat. And almost instantly watch your website transform into a stunning yet functional internet masterpiece. You're website will become...  

  • Easier to navigate (visitors will be able to find what they want quickly and easily)
  • More pleasing to the eye (which means visitors will stay longer)
  • Faster loading (Unless your web pages can load in 10 seconds or less, you're losing a big chunk of your visitors...after 10 seconds most people will flat out LEAVE if your site isn't loaded. Faster load times will bring your website a greater number of actual viewers)
  • More user compatible. Did you know some people aren't able to view your site the way you meant it to be seen (and some can't even view your site at ALL)? Use these design secrets to make SURE your site can be seen by as many people as possible.
"Everything needed to create an attractive, functional and interactive website."

"Your new book is a wonderful introduction to web design and covers everything needed to create an attractive, functional and interactive website.  

You have answered all of those "how do I do that?" type questions in a friendly, easy to understand format. I especially liked the practical scripts included throughout, and the style sheet examples were extremely easy to understand.  

I've already bookmarked a few sections I want to refer back to.  Great work Milana!" 

Simon Marcantonio 
A Director and founder of the UKSprite search engine



Milana Nastetskaya, web design master and veteran has packed her most well-kept and most powerful web design secrets into:

A new manual entitled "65 Instant Web Design Answers!" just recently released. It contains a treasure-trove of little-known (and cutting-edge) web design secrets you can instantly use to inject "new blood" into your website. 

Many of the things revealed and uncovered for you inside this manual can't be found ANYWHERE else. In fact, if you saw a list of everything you would learn, you might easily mistake it for a list of TRADE SECRETS closely guarded by expert web designers.

And listen to this: I've made arrangements for you to "test drive" it completely risk-free. To see for yourself just how powerful and easy to use the design secrets revealed inside are.

Here is a partial list of just SOME of the things you will learn inside:

  • How to allow your visitors to see your fonts, even if they don't have them installed... pg.18 
  • How to make two kinds of links each with different colors... pg.22 
  • How to make your graphics download three times faster. Faster download speeds mean more of your visitors will stick around on at your website for a longer period of time... pg.32
  • How to create an animated slide show... pg.37 
  • How to make image rollovers... pg.39 
  • How to create an image gallery... pg.44 
  • How to create a table that has an image as its border... pg.49 
  • How to prevent text on your web page from overlapping with the border... pg.51 
  • How to make a stylish magazine layout for your web page using tables... pg.52 
  • How to create a table with rounded corners. These make a boring table look VERY professional... pg.54  
  • How to make a graphic act as a button... pg.60 
  • How to have a partially filled out form on your web site (where some fields in the form are already "pre-filled out" with the information of your choice)... pg.64 
  • How to make some fields on your form "required" otherwise the form won't submit... pg.66 
  • How to hide a long web address. For example: pg.71 
  • How to check which browser is used and direct your visitor to the page most compatible with their browser... pg.75 
  • How to display a different headline every day to test which one pulls in the best response... pg.77 
  • How to add music to your web site... pg.81 
  • How to make an automatic deadline for receiving free bonuses to make potential customers act right away on your offer... pg.88 
  • How to make your visitors "Accept Terms" defined by you before viewing your web page... pg.92
  • How to password-protect areas on your web site... pg.94  
  • And much, much more!

Forget About Trying Decipher Regular Web Design Tutorials Full Of Techno Mumbo-Jumbo. Here's Your Chance To Learn The Secrets Of Web Design In A Language You Can Understand...

"I struggle with anything technical and I have found this book so easy!"

"Milana, I was very excited as I followed your tutorials and watched them work without me having to rip out my hair in frustration (normally a regular occurence whenever I attempt to do anything even remotely technical!)  I had some very satisfying moments as I put into practice some of your tutorials and watched the tasks that had previously escaped me work perfectly.  

Milana, this is so easy to read and follow. Written in easy lazyman terms with hardly any jargon words...  I know that my friends will be  very astounded at my new found tricks.  

Extremely helpful. I struggle with anything technical and I have found this book so easy.  A whopping 10!!  You have achieved the impossible by actually showing a self-confessed non-techie how to do some rather advanced design tricks." 

Andrew Laing


Tired of feeling like an idiot when you can't "decipher" all of those technical web design tutorials? Don't worry! When you read through the "65 Instant Web Design Answers!" manual, you'll feel like a real web design whiz because you'll be taught and shown how to do everything in an easy to understand way.

Simple step-by-step instructions tell you how to implement every design tip within minutes. Plus, you'll also get to see a real live example of each technique put to use on the Web.  

And if you run into any trouble, forget about spending hours banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what to do. Included with your manual is access to a special support forum where you'll be able to get a solution to your problem right away! Just post your question and one of the many web design experts will happily offer their assistance - FREE of charge.

"I've ALREADY learned a few things that have MORE THAN paid for this book..."

I just ordered Milana's new book (it just became available a few minutes ago)..."65 Instant Web Design Answers".... skimmed thru it and I've ALREADY learned a few things that have MORE THAN paid for her book...and I've been creating websites since 1996.  

I am NOT an affiliate (yet)...I may be later but I wanted to let you folks know what a great job she did on this.  

Don Alm


How Much Would You Pay For One-On-One Training With An Expert Web Designer?

Because that's exactly what this manual is going to give you. Milana has designed over 150 websites and knows exactly what it takes to design a killer website. And she reveals all of her secrets (even though some of her colleagues might hate her for doing it) to you inside this manual.

Purchasing this manual is about the equivalent of you hiring her for a few days to personally guide you through improving your website, but with a MUCH smaller price tag.

The price of the manual is only: $29.95 

An incredible bargain when you think about how easy it will make learning some of the most cutting-edge design secrets on the web. And how much better your website will look, navigate, and attract visitors after you've implemented just a few of the tricks you'll learn. 

"I would have paid more for it now that I have read some of the sections."

Just glancing through it as it came off my printer gave me tons of ideas. Actually, I could hardly wait for your email telling me it was ready.  I would have paid more for it now that I have read some of the sections.  

Since I'm not that html proficient, I might even use your services to help me get some ideas uploaded to my web site.  

You're the greatest, Milana! 

Steve Sztopek


Take It For A "Test Drive" 100% Risk-Free...And Decide For Yourself Later If It Was Worth The Money

Buy the manual now, but take it for a test drive and decide later if it was worth the money. I'll give you a whole year (12 full months, 365 days) to read the manual and try out what you learn inside. If you don't think the manual was worth more than what you spent on it, let me know. I'll issue you a complete refund of the money you paid, no questions asked. And I'll even let you keep the manual for taking the time to test it out.


When you place your order I will include this invaluable "Forms Tutorial" that reveals everything you need to know about interactive forms and how to build them.  

Forms don't have to be hard. And they don't have to be reserved only for computer geniuses to use. 

This tutorial will show you how to make forms a snap! You'll be walked through the simple and easy to understand step-by-step instructions of creating your very own form. And when you're done, you'll be a virtual forms master!

Discover how to...

  • Make checkboxes
  • Radio boxes
  • Submit buttons
  • Image buttons
  • And much more! 

"They Laughed When I Told Them I Had My Own Website, But When They Clicked On The Link..."

That's what you'll be saying after you've tried out even just 3 or 4 of the design tricks you'll discover when you buy "65 Instant Web Design Answers!" Your website will look so amazing, no one will believe you did it yourself! They'll think you spent $1,000's of dollars to hire a professional.

Order now. You've got nothing to lose. Try out the techniques taught in this manual and if your website doesn't look like it was designed by a pro, all you have to do is ask for a refund - and I'll issue you one right away. 

To get your manual, just click on the link below. It's in electronic format, so you'll be able to download right after you order the manual -- and you'll be on your way to turning your website into an internet masterpiece in no time!

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