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Dear friend,

My name is Paul Galloway (this is my web site), and I'd like to tell you a true story about an regular guy who finally found a way to get ahead -- and now makes over $100,000 per year working "part-time" from his home.

In a very short time, this story could be YOURS . . .

For nearly 15 years Ken Silver owned two community newspapers. One he started himself, the other he bought a few years later. Both living examples of how not to do business. Debtors, endless work, deadlines, worry. While burning the midnight oil each week he believed and hoped that out there somewhere, the 'perfect' stress-free business waited.

Ken relates what happened next in his own words:


Later, the papers sold. On a whim I decided to try out a project . . . an intellectual exercise I had worked on for a number of years. I wrote solidly for a week, then placed an advertisement in the Sunday News, one of our national weekly newspapers.

My heart was in my mouth for a few days...

The first small advertisement back in 1996 cost me $43. Small beans.

Nothing happened for four days, and I was ready to write the venture off as an experiment in futility.

Then it happened. On my next visit to my post office mailbox - behind that small red door - I discovered a bundle of envelopes. I was excited then, because my ad had asked for payment with order.

So I knew each one of those Post-paid envelopes contained real-world money. It got better as the week wore on. More orders and money turned up each time I visited my post box.

A week after my first small bunch of orders arrived, a larger number - 63 in total - crammed my mailbox. Each contained cash or checks. As the mail in my box grew daily, I started to collect each day instead of two times a week. In less than three weeks, I received:

    • 187 orders.
    • 93 additional inquiries.
    • Sales that totaled $1,680.00.

A winner was born. I was on my way.

Now YOU can Discover the exciting, little-known world of the "How-To" Info-Publishing business Ken uses to make between $1,000 and $2,000.00 a week in sales with just 3 Manuals and a few Special Reports. No staff, no production, no worries.

How much work will this involve? Well, Ken spends 2 hours every couple of days sending out orders. Once every couple of weeks he phones the copy shop to have them print up more manuals. They deliver the material right to my front door. It's easy, clean work.

And the best part . . . it cost nothing to start, and you're never a cent out of pocket . . . no matter how many orders go out.


How can YOU do it? Discover Ken's Secrets to Building a Hugely Profitable "How-To" Manual Business...

What is a "How-To" Manual or Booklet? It's a simple and proven concept. Everyone needs information. And you and I can supply it with the specialized knowledge already stored inside our brain. Life experience is worth a lot to someone else who needs it.

We package these gems of wisdom into plain, photocopied, spiral-bound manuals. No fancy cover, no millions spent on typesetting. (People who desire usable information don't want a coffee table edition that will cost you and I a fortune to produce).

Can't Write? Don't Worry...

In his manual, Ken shows you exactly how to free the information skills within you. If you can write a shopping list, you can write and sell a successful Manual! And there's more...here's a little of what you'll discover in this instruction manual:

  • How Your Start-Up Costs Can Be Less Than Zero!
    Learn the 1-2-3 secrets of perfect cashflow!

  • The Untapped Markets Are Out There Waiting For You... How To Capture Them To Make Money.
    You don't need a $million-dollar bestseller to make a handsome living in the "How-To" manual game. I'll lead you through the publishing maze to homegrown profit.

  • Why "How-To" Manuals Are Simple To Produce...You Don't Even Have To Assemble Them.
    Let your local photocopy shop have all the fun copying, collating, binding...while you sit at the edge of your swimming pool dreaming up your next project. My work is finished before 10 AM most days.

  • Why You Have No Real Competition From Any Other Form Of Publishing.
    It's a fallacy that there are only a certain number of customers in the world. The truth is - your market is never-ending, and I'll tell you why...

  • The New Ideas Never Stop Coming When You Use My Unique Idea-Generator Method!
    Finding a selling idea is the part that stops many would-be manual publishers. But I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't have a salable idea. Use my unique method to get rolling straight away.

  • How Your Manuals Produce Income For You Almost Forever.
    If you produce a newsletter, you won't have a fraction of the profit that a "How-To" manual generates. And better, there's no weekly or monthly deadline either. Once you produce the manual, all that's left is the easy part - the promotion of it.

  • Why HomeMade Information Products Are The Ideal Moonlighting Income.
    I never recommend anyone jump out of daily employment to start up any business - it's too risky. But with "How-To" Manuals, you need only a couple of hours in the evenings to make a full-time working wage equivalent. Only then - in a few weeks or months - can you step out with confidence.

  • How You Can Operate Anywhere, Even In The Remotest Places Or On Vacation.
    If you're within driving distance of a post office, you can run the "How-To" manual business with ease. You need only visit twice a week (mail-order is a relaxed sort of business in that way), and still keep your clients happy.

Ken walks you through the info-manual production process from start to finish, giving you trade secrets vital for your success. You'll discover what REALLY WORKS in this business, and you'll be surprised. It isn't what everyone thinks.


To Prosper In The "How-To" Manual Business
Is Easy When You Know How...

What makes my Manual so valuable to you? In a word, it shows you exactly how you can start in the "How-To" Publishing business... The 'Why, What, Where & How' you don't seem to get from other information sources.

But that's just the beginning . . .

Ultimately what you're getting is the FREEDOM to do what you WANT to do, WHEN you want to do it! No more getting up at the crack of dawn, fighting with traffic to get to a job you don't enjoy -- no more answering to someone else!

It's a Profitable and Pleasant Business To Operate...

Your product profit margins are huge: you can produce a $20 information product for not much more than a dollar and a half...a $60 manual for under $8. The rest is yours to keep. And it's clean, easy work.

Imagine getting orders totaling $100, $200, $500 each day -- it's not that hard to do, and with the help of Ken's manual, YOU can do it too!

The information manual business works silently in the background, making you money day after day. Asking little in return. You need do nothing other than write your Manual ONCE, then fill your daily orders to reap the rewards of your efforts forever.

Think of the millions of information subjects out there . . . from fly fishing to flying, tax information to taxidermy, goldmining to gaming. All valuable information you may know intimately, and can take advantage of without fear of duplication or competition.

Read What Buyers Are Saying About
Their Success With Ken's Manual...

(All comments are unsolicited)

And all I can say...is that it looks awesome! Where I see your manual differing (and far eclipsing) almost all others on the market is in the tangible and practical tips that you give for implementing your idea. You not only explain a concept, you draw on actual examples and case studies to show EXACTLY how to execute the plan. This alone, Ken, is worth thousands of dollars to any reader with ambition and some plain old common sense!

Jesse Horowitz
MusiVation International, LLC & The M-Power Show

"I also wanted to congratulate you on your product "How to Write & Sell Your Own Home-Made Information Manual." My wife and I followed your "Action Steps" and in a very short period... produced a 96 page spiral bound manual on "Finding the Best Care for Your Elderly Loved One". Thanks and keep up the great work!"

Mike Murphy , NJ

"I have been over the last few months been developing some courses to do with my site TastingParty.com: "Guide To Entertaining", "The Best 125 Gourmet Rice Recipes Ever," and found in your manual just the tips and advice I needed to finish the course/manual to my liking."

Jason Cohen, UK

"Now I must say I was one of those people who must have read your sales letter 50 times before I decided to finally cough it up and buy your course. I must say I feel I got more than my monies worth. It's so detailed and to the point with all the great examples. To anyone who is trying decide whether it's worth it...IT IS!"

Terrance Smith, St. Louis.

Your manual and newsletter are top notch and full of useful tips. You really give your customers their money's worth and go the extra mile to help them. You have exceeded my expectations by promptly and generously offering your advice when I asked for your comments. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your manual and newsletter to anyone who is interested in getting started in self-publishing.

Gary Pawlak.


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THE 230-PAGE PACK: "How To Make $100,000 A Year In Your Spare Time Creating Profitable How-To Manuals"...

...a giant 230-page instruction, step-by-step volume brimming with mail-order trade secrets that realistically work for you. Exactly what YOU need for self-publishing success.

You won't find this information on the internet, or in any books or other manuals I've read. It's Ken's personal look at the "How-To" publishing process - written so you can replicate his success.

When you order Ken's Manual, not only will you get information on "How-To" Manual Publishing, detailing the route Ken took to a steady and growing income, and all the information you need to start...but you will also get all the following extra-value material absolutely FREE:

Worth $15.00
FREE REPORT - How To Choose Your Business Name.

One of the most important aspects of your marketing is the selection of your business name. Too klutzy, too cute, too plain . . . all these mistakes are made day after day by the inexperienced. Here are your guidelines. This Special Report is absolutely FREE. There's more...

Worth $39.95
The 17 page Mini-Manual Ken still uses to generate a part of my weekly income, together with the sales letters and FAQ sheet that sells it in a very unique way. You'll learn the essence of profitable marketing from this example.

Worth $39.95
Another popular 24 page Manual Ken has sold by the dozen each week for $39.95. A prime example of a long-term demand.

A Special Report that shows you a wealth of little-known information used for the Mini-Manual. Mirror the style to make your own Reports more profitable.

A 3-Step Sales Pack - The 3 Letters Ken uses to rocket his mail-order response rate up to amazing levels.




Order now and you'll also get the past issues of Ken's newsletter: "The Home Publisher's Letter." That brings the page total for the whole Info-Publishing Knowledge 2-Manual Pack to over 260 A4/letter size pages - equivalent to a 500 page book!


This whole Info-Pack package is worth over $300.00 REAL VALUE . . . but if you buy now, the digital Information Success Pack and its valuable knowledge - is yours for only . . .

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P.S. I (Paul Galloway) personally guarantee your satisfaction with Ken's course -- if you're not happy with it, just tell me and I will immediately refund your money! It's as simple as that. There is NO risk to you! I'm a real person, and I stand behind everything I sell -- as a small business, I can't afford a disgruntled customer! That's my contact information at the end of the page -- call me if you want to, just to check me out!

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