"I earned over $21,000.00 in one month from my e-books. Let me show you how."
Ken Silver (The "how-to" guru since 1994)

"How To Create and Sell Your Own Profitable eBooks"

How You Can Do It Using Free and Nearly Free Programs, and Sell On Autopilot -
Ken Silver, Author eBOOK SECRETS.

May, 2002

Dear Reader,

Hi, Ken Silver here. People ask me constantly: "What is the free eCommerce secret to building an automatic e-books online income, even while you sleep or travel overseas?" I ran my business easily by remote from halfway round the world on a trip a while back, so I know it can be done.

It's often the most-asked question on my self-publishing forum: Ken Silver Online Forum. And it's the "Holy Grail" of the e-books business... everyone wants an autopilot system to make money while they sit by the pool.

Well, I've written down the answer for you... the way I do it. By digital delivery, selling ebooks from my home office, even while I'm out having fun or traveling the world... 

Discover The Secret Of Automatic E-book Selling...

You'll discover in detail the same lazy, autopilot methods that I used to sell thousands of "how to" e-book manuals and packs on the internet, some priced at up to NZ$180.00 each, and 40 e-book Reprint Rights at NZ$1,900.00 each - without using search engines!

(Truthfully - I didn't use engines because I didn't have the time to learn how or experiment too much! And someone always kept shifting the goal posts. So I had to do it in other, more effective ways).

And now I'm revealing my 'straight from the trenches' strategies.

  • Why you should discard and ignore most traffic-building information.

  • The 5 Pillars Of Wisdom that will set your website apart from most of the hopefuls out there. These are the essential components to making money on your e-books eCommerce website... and most of them are free!

  • How to reduce your eBook Returns to almost ZERO! 2 methods that cost you nothing and save you a lot.

  • The secret weapon in your e-book marketing arsenal that will build you enormous credibility. Only a fraction of all marketers know about or use it. And it's not price or product quality.

  • How to write compelling website sales copy for your eBook that lifts off the page and drives your prospects straight to your Order Form.

  • The surprising facts about accepting credit cards on your site. How much business will you lose by not having this service?... 10%, 50% - higher?

  • Listing features or benefits in your web page text... what is the current thinking. And which one do you use for powerful sales response? I'll tell you how the marketplace has swung around over this point.

  • The location of a Free autoresponder / ezine mail service that runs the legs off its competition. How you can use it to almost completely automate your e-book marketing.

  • How to find the perfect saleable subject for your eBook - and why YOU are the best person to select it.

  • What you should add and change in your e-book to successfully sell outside your own country.

  • The crucial website design factor that EVERYBODY ignores (yes - by the very same multitudes who appear regularly on the forums asking how to increase their traffic).

  • How to get "instant" testimonials for your ebooks... even if you haven't made one sale yet.

  • How much of your e-book content should you reveal to prospects to attract their attention? How much is too little, or too much?

  • How long your e-book Guarantee should be. And how this length affect your refunds. (The answer will surprise you).

You'll even discover how to write your own "how-to" eBook manual - one of the greatest-selling forms of information product you can have.

And you'll do it using my unique "Shopping List" method that makes putting your e-book together a breeze...

Your eCommerce eBook Solution...

You get all the information you need for website marketing and eBook production with:

420 pages
Detailed color screenshots
Step-by-step instructions
The free software I use
How to set up your business
Writing killer copy
Hints and tips from my years of experience
Success case studies
Huge sample resources of my work

It's a PDF format "How-To" manual, value-packed full of trade secrets and private resources for e-books. It's NOT a general internet "textbook" using the same tired wads of ho-hum reference and promotional material you see everywhere else.

No indeed - this is a personal account of the unique methods I use to make a very comfortable living on the internet. And as one reader says:

"Ken, Thank you very much for an excellent book! You've included so much unique information in your book, that's it's unbelievable that you don't at least triple the price. What I particularly like about your book, is that you include so much unique, helpful information, that you'll have to look hard to find other places. And your own success are the strongest recommendation for your methods. They are effective - and they work!"

Klaus Dahl, Internet marketer

And it's in instant PDF format too, available ready to read on your screen in minutes. So YOU can finally get going and be profitable in your own internet e-books business on autopilot...

But the most surprising fact about how YOU can make an autopilot income is still to come. And it's this... with my system you don't have to be a technician to operate a successful selling website. I'm certainly not a techie - most of my time goes in finding simpler, automated ways to build my business. You will need to know basic internet information (which you already do if you found your way to this page under your own steam!)... and that's all.

Marketing Is The Key...

In eBOOK SECRETS I give full details on the free programs I use, but it is mainly about clever marketing methods that anyone can use to sell anything from their website. And some of them will really surprise you:

  • How I - and now you - can get astounding results from a humble email message. Yes - you don't even need a website to gain paying buyers daily.

  • Sales that start in 15 minutes after you send out your selling message. And the ways you can use to make every message a selling one.

  • How to leverage the contact experience of other marketers so they welcome your proposals!

  • Why the most powerful marketing device you'll ever have is right under your nose. You've had it since birth. And 99% of all sites don't use it.

  • 3 essential non-tech items you MUST have on your website... that every failed site leaves out. (Isn't this fact becoming quite predictable!)

  • Should you run banners on your site? Should you have your own banners on other sites? Discover why first before you spend a lot of money.

Pre-tested Profits! ...

Let's face it. There are so many "experts" on the internet who don't have a sales track record. Yet these technical whizkids pretend they can help you make a success of selling off your website. They can't. I know this because I see many of them asking for basic marketing advice on different forums.

Don't fall for it. You need success stories from someone who has already ACHIEVED RESULTS. Yes - like me (how did you guess!). In my years of direct mail experience, I tested many of the methods I use successfully right now on the internet. They work superbly, and you'll quickly learn how too!

So how is my manual going to help you:

  • make your website more productive?

  • let you explode sales?

  • put your operation on autopilot?

It's this... eBOOK SECRETS reveals the real secrets to getting a tremendous income solely from the internet, as I have done consistently over the last 5 years. And by direct mail for 3 years before that. I have succeeded where most have failed.

And I want to share my success formula with you here, because there is more than enough room for everybody. I make my income on the net easily (and I'm not that clever) - now so can YOU... really! You just have to adhere to some unique guidelines I reveal to you... it's easy, really...

Anyone Will Tell You - Quality Sells...

Yes, anyone can sell anything once with a lot of noise and low prices. The real test comes when the product has to stay sold. That's when most marketers hold their breath. But if a product exudes quality and value for money, then returns/ refunds will be very small.

I've had only 14 returns from 50,000 sales of ALL my manuals - in all my years of business by mail-order and the internet - with nobody dissatisfied with the quality of my manual.

Isn't that a great confidence-builder for you? ...

Limited Time Offer!...

Here's my offer. As a test for a limited time, I'm offering my manual at a low price. And you receive my manual by PDF file - so that you can access it to read on your screen in a matter of minutes.

My Guarantee to you...

Are you as excited as I am about this? But hold on - you say you're a sensible sort of person, and you've heard about getting stung on the internet. Maybe you think you're going to get a rubber chicken instead of quality information? Maybe this is the first time you're buying by credit card, and you are a little nervous. (Don't be - see the next section for reassurement).

Let me make this clear to you...

If you're not entirely satisfied - you get your money back straight away.

And I won't even ask you to delete the PDF file either. Or send it back to me :-) I can give this guarantee with confidence... because I know this is the greatest deal I have ever seen. Look, I make my full-time living creating and selling "how-to" manuals over the internet, so my material HAS to be superb. And I like to sleep soundly at night too.

So I'm determined you'll be getting excellence and great value as Steve here says:

"Ken, your new eBook is the greatest! If you want to do eCommerce on the web... AND if you haven't invested the paltry sum asked by Ken for his new eBook... then you're not getting ALL the information you need." Steve Sztopek.

Your Credit Card Details Are Secure...

Worried about your precious credit card information going astray? Don't be... I have dealt with thousands of credit card orders since 1996 without problem. Now my orders for eBOOK SECRETS are handled flawlessly with complete integrity by one of the internet's largest credit card online merchants: ClickBank (http://www.clickbank.com)

What more can I say? Oh yes... you can always cancel your credit card payment if you have any doubt - that's a standard clause for all the card providers. So you're perfectly safe!

OK - let's get you started!

Click HERE to order through a secure server. Just US$29.95 for the PDF manual, available to you in minutes through digital delivery! You get eBook Secrets... 420 pages (worth up to $97 according to some marketing experts!) with full money-back guarantee!

After you order, you'll get taken to a secure page telling you how to download your file.

Look forward to hearing about your e-book success on the Web!


Ken Silver
The "How-To" Guru!

NOTE: All the figures and potential sales figures described here depend on your own abilities and market conditions, and are not promises of income.

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