Hundreds of Online Business Tools YOU can use to Quickly and Easily Make MORE MONEY!

    65 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic (Page 200)

    Pump up your business volume by taking credit cards -- get your own merchant account up and running within 24 hours -- with NO application fee! (Page 131)

    Advertise like you MEAN IT -- how one company got $82.00 for every $1 in online advertising. Follow the steps outlined here and you could do the same. (Page 16)

    Turbocharge your web site with these 42 resources and tools -- many are free! (Page 187)

    Legally SPY on your competition! Find out where/what they're advertising, what changes they're making, what THEIR customers are experiencing and more. (Page 157)

    61 resources and tools for quick and easy online research (Page 141)

    The right way to protect your computer equipment and data -- the surge protection companies aren't telling you everything, and what you don't know CAN hurt you! Your computer isn't as safe as you think! (Page 63)

From: Paul Galloway
Ocala, Florida

Dear Friend,

In just a few minutes you can have your own "business toolchest" -- full of tools to start your own business on the internet or to move your existing business to new heights.

Youíll discover the resources you need to achieve your goals quickly.

This massive collection of online tools could well be...

The Secret to Your Online Success

Once you know about the resources and tools available you'll have the power to succeed where others fail. With this guide you'll have these tools and resources at your fingertips -- and they'll give you an edge over your competitors!

This guide will help you get more leads, more sales, and higher customer satisfaction, all in LESS TIME!

For example, you already know advertising and promotion are important -- there are many resources you can use for promotion that you may not be aware of! For example:

  • Banner advertising -- both per impression and per click -- How to make them work regardless of what the "experts" say about them. (Page 32) PLUS -- where to get 1000 banner ads just $1.75! (Page 46)
  • Can you make any money with the banner exchanges? You sure can -- just use the strategy outlined here. (Page 33)
  • Pay per click search engines -- are they worth the effort? Yes! Here's a step by step formula for driving highly targetted traffic to your website for pennies. (Page 35)
  • Article Submission -- You can position yourself as THE expert in your field by writing articles for ezines. For some people this technique is their only marketing tool. Weíll even show you where to have someone ELSE write the article for you AND send it out to over 1000 editors on your behalf! (Page 45)
  • Run your own affiliate program? -- You can have thousands of salespeople working for you by CREATING your own affiliate program but you must know HOW to proceed. Is it best to use a service or your own software? Which services or software should you use? It's all here . . . (Page 53)

TurboCharge Your Web Site!

Perhaps the biggest lie on the web is this: "IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME". Thousands of disappointed entrepreneurs will tell you itís just not true!

The GOOD NEWS is the Business Toolchest gives you over 40 pages about how to start or improve your site, how to ensure itís always running and how to analyze your results to improve performance and make more money.

This is advice from the top experts in the field. Take this advice and run with it. And let's not forget the 135 tools and resources in this section! Here's SOME of what you'll discover:

  • Domain Names -- Whatís in a name? Everything. Weíll show you which free services will find the name thatís just right for you. Some services give you up 100 choices of names based on information you provide.

    HOT TIP! Did you know that domain names are expiring RIGHT NOW, even as you read this? If your perfect domain name isn't available now, it may be tomorrow! Weíll show you how to find out. (Page 174)

  • Site Design -- Your toolchest includes tools and information to make sure your site is easy to view on any browser. We have lists of places to get free tools and even recommend web designers if you should need one. (Page 187)
  • Traffic Analysis and Statistics -- Statistics are not about curiosity, theyíre about doing business and making money. To improve you must know where you are NOW. Weíll show you how (Page 191)
  • E-Commerce "Turn-key" solutions look appealing -- but don't forget the time-honored principle of "TANSTAAFL"! (Page 175)


One of the biggest hurdles for home/small business owners is accepting and processing online credit card payments.

Thousands of merchants have paid HUNDREDS of dollars more than they had to for this capability -- because they didn't know any other way. Well there IS a better way!

My guide will give you a simple explanation of the basic requirements for an "E-Commerce" site. THEN I'll give you the best tools and resources I've found for setting up your site, such as:

  • Merchant Accounts -- If you've heard you have to spend hundreds to establish a merchant account; I have good news for you! Here are 62 merchant-account providers with REASONABLE prices -- don't get gouged by the other guys! (Page 130)
  • Maybe you don't want to mess with a merchant account? No problem! Here are 9 companies that allow you to accept credit card payments without having your own merchant account! There are tradeoffs, but in some ways this is a better way to go. . . (Page 135)
  • Payment Processing -- Payment processing means taking a credit card (or check) order in REAL TIME, verifying the funds and seeing to it that you get paid. Find the right payment processor for YOU with our list of reputable providers. (Page 134)

You've Barely Scratched the Surface!

I can't stress enough the sheer MAGNITUDE of this guide -- it's huge! With everything discussed above, we're just getting started!

This guide consists of 24 major "sections" -- only 4 have been discussed so far! Here's a sampling of the other tools and resources you'll discover when you get the Business Toolchest:

  • Could a 4" length of fiber optic cable mean the difference between a regular day at the office and weeks of lost work? Yeah, it really could -- find out how. (Page 65)
  • Send postal mail to all of your customers without leaving your computer -- 3 companies that will save you hours! (Page 61)
  • Unlimited toll-free voicemail service for under $20/month! (Page 55)
  • 67% of online customers abort their online orders because they can't get "this" -- what is it? Once you discover what "this" is, I'll show you 16 tools you can use to give it to your customers! (Page 59)
  • Has an internet hacker invaded your computer? Is he stealing or destroying your valuable data whenever you go online? How do you know? Here's how to find out -- and how to stop them cold! (Page 67)
  • Want to create your own eBook? Here are 9 packages to make it quick and easy. (Page 77)
  • How often does your computer crash? Think it's the software? Maybe. BUT it might be your cheap surge protector . . . here's why. (Page 64)
  • Want to start your own Ezine? Here's where to announce it, where to get content for it, and where to promote it -- 28 resources to make it easy for you. (Page 85)
  • Stop wasting all your creative time doing fulfillment! These 19 services are standing by to liberate you from the daily grind! (Page 91)
  • Need help with Microsoft Word, Windows (who doesn't!), Excel? Or perhaps you're experiencing hardware problems? Can't get that *!#$@! scanner to work? 9 places you can go for technical help -- some are free! (Page 93)
  • Worried about protecting your intellectual property? Here's how you can digitally fingerprint, timestamp, and register your electronic file in just a few minutes and at very little cost! (Page 110)
  • Did you know most surge protectors use sacrificial components? They wear out and could leave your computer vulnerable to damaging electrical surges. Here's how to protect yourself. (Page 63)
  • Want to do a background check on a potential employee (or your daughter's new boyfriend, Ha!) -- here's how to do it right from your computer (Page 121)
  • Need a reliable source for duplicating CDROMs, Videos, Cassettes? See page 125 for 5 highly recommended sources.
  • Who's REALLY at risk from credit card fraud? YOU (the merchant)! Here's what you can do about it. (Page 136)
  • You've seen the offers for a "4 day / 3 night getaway with any purchase" -- now YOU can offer these vacation getaways to YOUR customers! 5 companies who will set you up! (Page 139)
  • How your web site can generate 25 times more buying customers in less than a year. (Page 163)
  • Don't have time for your own search-engine work? Here are 4 companies who do it for you -- with guaranteed performance! (Page 168)

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth!

Here it is as straight as I can give it to you. I KNOW you will benefit from this information. I have spent hundreds of hours creating the Business Toolchest so you can use it to make more money.

I have NOT filled this 299 page book with fluff -- these are 299 pages PACKED with practical information and resources designed to do ONE THING -- help you make more money!

The Business Toolchest is designed so that you can reach in and FIND EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. You'll discover tools that help you get what you want -- more time, more money, and fewer headaches!

You will get "The Business Ownerís Toolchest" in Adobe Acrobat PDF format -- complete with bookmarks and live web links to the tools that really work.

I know you'll refer to it over and over again, quickly finding just the tool or piece of information you need. NO MORE searching for hours on end. In terms of time saved, this guide is worth many times my asking price!

Just take a look at what others are saying about the Business Owner's Toolchest:

"Whew! I just finished going through the new book (about 1 1/2 hours of reading and exploring). You did a fabulous job of ferreting out some really useful links and resources. I'm sure I'll be returning to your book again and again. Nice job."
Yanik Silver

"Well, where do I start? Your book is so filled with resource material, it's a chore figuring out where to start. The easiest thing to say is simply that I leave your book "open" on my desktop for immediate access. This is resource that no person starting out on the Internet should be without."

Tom Glander

"Congratulations on producing what is, in my opinion, an outstanding work! I haven't read the whole thing yet, but it didn't take long to find enough practical and useful resources to surpass the "price of admission". Funny, but I was in the process of searching for solutions to a couple of "problem" projects that I have. Bingo! There they were in the Toolchest. Great job, Paul!"

Darrell Finkeldei

"A couple of weeks ago, I purchased your Toolchest -- I'm very pleased with the purchase, and I've made the toolchest a permanent resident of my Mac desktop. Thanks for the time you've taken to put together a goldmine of resources that are always just a click a way."

Dairrell Ham


You get the 299 page Business Owner's Toolchest with its hundreds of business tools and resources for just $29.95

I'm a very anti-hype person -- I'm tired of reading hype and I certainly won't spout it out! Iíve been honest with you, now be honest with yourself. Your investment to acquire this resource guide is low -- and could easily yield thousands of dollars in additional cash.

When I look at all I'm giving you, I can't help but think I'm shortchanging myself -- I could charge a lot more for this, and I still MIGHT.

I know when you get this you'll be "tickled pink" -- and if for some reason you arenít satisfied (it boggles the mind, but anything is possible!) Iíll refund 100% of your money. Guaranteed.

Get your Business Toolchest NOW -- click here!


Paul Galloway

P.S. Some people would say I'm crazy for giving you so much for so little -- so don't be surprised if I raise the price for this package. The only way to make sure you get it at this price is to get it now!

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