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• No more working long hours only to produce minimal results. We'll show you how to work only a few hours every week and see profits roll in like others working the 40-hour grind!

From the computer of Sydney Johnston
Monday, 9:59 A.M.
Re: Putting Information Products on the Auction Block

Dear Friend: (If not yet, VERY soon :o)

By now you've heard of web auctions like After all, it's one of THE most popular websites online today.

And, you've no doubt heard of information products. eBooks and other digital goods are among the top commodities being sold on the web.

But, have you ever considered that YOU can earn up to $50,000 a year (and even more) by combining the two?

For the first time tactics that ANYONE can master to sell information products on web auctions are being revealed in a simple, step-by-step formula for success.


The Peanut Butter and Chocolate of eBusiness
Are Coming Together To Give You
The Web's Version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!


Some things just go together. Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Right? By themselves they taste great...

...but together they're delicious!

And that is definitely the case with information products and web auctions. They're a perfect fit for each other.

And that fit can be a very lucrative combination for YOU.

In Putting Information Products on the Auction Block, Sydney Johnston (Author of Make Your Net Auction Sell! with Ken Evoy and founder of the new and Jimmy D. Brown (Author of numerous products including the Free Advertising System, the Profits Vault and over a dozen products offered at reveal little known techniques for producing a full-time income by selling information products on web auctions such as

Putting Information Products on the Auction Block shows you...

• The critical information you'll need to develop a $50,000 per year strategy for selling information products on web auctions. Revealed: 8 different kinds of killer information products you can sell at places like eBay. (Yes, it goes WAY beyond just eBooks!)

• A complete step-by-step road map for quickly and easily generating tremendous income from your listings ... you can begin TODAY!  No researching or trying to "figure it all out." You'll access 96 pages of nothing but the "meat" in a clear, concise gameplan that anyone can understand.

• A 6-step "paint-by-numbers" system for developing the perfect information product to sell on web auctions that will have bidders lined up around the cyber-block to get in on your auction. NOTE: This isn't theory - this is based on more than 3 years of scientific testing and research.

• 14 ingredients that form the recipe for "irrisistible" sellers that virtually make the sale everytime. Stop wondering what people REALLY want - we've spelled it all out for you according to data collected during 36 months of actually selling information products at

• How to sell the exact same product over and over hundreds, even thousands of times. No, we're not talking about dutch auctions. In fact, we don't recommend dutch auctions for infoproducts! This simple technique can have you raking in profits for months and years to come!

• Our own #1 recommendation for WHAT to sell on web auctions. It's the easiest and most profitable of all sellers in the information product field. Hint: When done correctly, it is almost impossible for this not to sell. We'll tell you what it is and show you *exactly* how to set it up properly.

• How to take $20 and spiral it into your own information product empire, earning thousands of dollars each month. Revealed: Where to purchase ready-made, high-demand information products to sell on web auctions. Sell them thousands of times for one small investment!

• How to create more value in your product offer without spending any extra money. Discover 9 easy ways you can increase the perceived value of your offer. Raise the perceived value up to 800%...and it won't cost you a penny!

• The TRUTH about web auction headlines. How to create killer headlines that grab the attention of the reader like a sudden scream in a horror movie. 6 quick tips to make your listing stand out among the crowd. HINT: We're NOT talking about using "schemes" like ####Wowie! L@@K Here#### and BUy mY ProDuCT plEaSe. These are TURNOFFS, not attention-grabbers. We'll show you how to REALLY grab the bidders attention...not push them away!

We have *literally* covered it all in this manual. You don't need to guess or try to come up with your own gameplan - it's ALL included inside these 96 information-packed pages. No hype. No misleading fluff. No confusing terms that you need a dictionary to figure out their meaning. Just the facts in an easy-to-follow set of instructions.

Inside the manual you'll find...

• Dozens of examples of "winners" and "losers" among auction listings. Discover how YOU can avoid the mistakes made by amateurs and lock in on the success made by those using the formula we are revealing. Why go through trial and error when you can do it right from the beginning?

• 7 easy things you can do if your web auction doesn't produce a sale. NOTE: If you follow our simple gameplan, it will be darn near impossible not to produce a sale. But, we've included a safety net, just in case you need it. Use these additional strategies to breathe new life into any web auction that doesn't produce the results you want.

• How to quickly and easily craft the perfect auction listing for your information product to generate scores of bids. Learn seldom used ideas for standing out among the thousands of listings and getting people to bid on YOUR auction. NOTE: Some people think they can just post a listing and expect a lot of interest. It doesn't work that way at all! You'll discover what DOES work and how to *really* get bids now.

• How to DOUBLE and even TRIPLE the profits from your winning bidder! MOST people don't understand this technique and lose up to 300% (and more) of their potential earnings. You'll discover this unique technique + 3 ways to work the backend for additional problems, and even how to earn money MONTH after MONTH well after your auction is over.

• A sure-fire system to get you in business TODAY! No real learning period. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you can actually post your first auction listing within 24 hours and be profiting in only 3 days! We'll show you the techniques that I have personally used and have NEVER failed to sell my product!

• How to overcome the barriers every auction listing faces in CONVINCING people to bid. Do this right and you'll have your products selling better than ice water at the end of a trek across the desert! NOTE: Heck, we'll even show you a couple of easy ways to use psychology to encourage more bids.

• How to use information products on web auctions to sell other products, promote your favorite affiliate program and even drive targeted traffic to your website. You'll learn how to use web auctions to bring customers to your existing business and how to even GIVE AWAY information products to generate additional sales.

• Why some products sell for thousands and others don't sell at all and how YOU can tap into an existing hot product line and grab all the profits for yourself by developing a unique approach. Revealed: 5 checklist questions to determine why certain products are in demand and how you can provide what others already want.

With a membership reported in the millions, auction sites like have the traffic that 99% of online business owners only DREAM of having. Everywhere you turn, people are talking about "generating website traffic." And most people simply can't do it.

Now, you don't need to generate website traffic to sell your information products! You can take advantage of the huge popularity of eBay and draw customers from THEIR traffic. In Putting Information Products on the Auction Block, you'll discover EVERY technique necessary in order to join eBay's enormous success. Things like...

• How spending some pizza money can increase the value of your offer by hundreds of dollars and close the deal.

 Selling words and phrases you can use to raise more eyebrows than a screaming baby in the middle of a ritzy restaurant.

• The TWO reasons why ANYONE purchases ANYTHING ANYWHERE. You've simply got to learn this concept to make your auctions sell.

 4 simple things you can do to quickly and easily build your web business.

• How to put everything together for the perfect offer that will have bidders scrambling to bid like eggs at breakfast time.

 How to use cross selling to turbocharge your profits. Discover where hidden profits are waiting for someone like YOU to grab them.

• How to sell the OPPORTUNITY and not the PRODUCT itself. In the majority of cases, this is the difference between a "winning" auction and a "losing" auction.

7 things to consider when purchasing domain names to sell on web auctions. Auctioning domain names is RISKY. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls.

• How to create multiple streams of income from a SINGLE product by offering it in different formats, including 5 killer ways to create cassettes and CDs to sell on web auctions.

 What every person looks for when considering purchasing an information product. Do you have it? You will after you read this manual!

• A simple thing you can do in less than 2 minutes for FREE that immediately adds more value to your listing. This one is a "no-brainer." Amazingly, many people overlook it.

 4 ideas for rearranging things just a bit and turn BENEFITS into BONUSES.

• 6 important things about sales you need to share with potential bidders to convince them to bid on your auction.

 The three ingredients for successful selling online - and how you've got them ALL covered!

• How to weave stories into your auction listings to draw bidders in like honey attracting flies.

 Why you MUST use pictures and graphics... and how to do it for a successful sale.


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Jimmy D. Brown
Sydney Johnston

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