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"At Last, 23 ways to get traffic, resell products
and promote an affiliate or associate program"

(Use it yourself or train your affiliates with it.)

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Dear Internet Friend,

If you are an associate, affiliate or reseller, or if you sell your own products, at last there is a training manual that shows you step-by-step how to get traffic and make sales.

In a recent extensive survey of affiliates and resellers, the main complaint was the lack of tools and methods for driving traffic to the program and making sales.

It's frustrating. You have a web site but how do you get people there and make sales? You can't make sales if you don't have any traffic.

The past answer was to make up pages and submit them to the search engines. That's good. You and everybody else are doing that! Nothing wrong with it. But it's hard to compete when everybody is doing the same thing.

What if there were 23 other ways for you to get folks to come to your web site where they can see the products you promote and sell?

What if you had a step-by-step cookbook that showed you exactly what to do and how to do it?

What if the methods worked for any type of products you may be promoting? Whether it's a dating service, pots and pans, ebooks or igloos to Eskimos.

That's why Marlon Sanders created the Associate Program Training Handbook. It's the definitive guide to getting traffic to your site and making sales.

It gives you not one, not two, but twenty three separate ways to get live bodies to your web site and make sales.

Of course, these methods work whether you have your own products, or you are a reseller or affiliate for someone else's program.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn...

* How to promote programs using 404 error pages--plan 23

* How to get rid of those long, irritating reseller URL's and track your hits to sales ratio--plan 22

* How to buy instant traffic cheap via co-regs--plan 18

* A lot of associate programs don't give you a way to track the clicks on ads you run, links and promotions. Here's a sneaky way to do this with any program. It's easy and really works.

* How to increase your sales by using the survey/email method (this is a new method Marlon doesn't see anyone using)--plan 21

* How to instantly double your visitors and traffic--plan 20. This is a clever method almost no one uses.

* The amazing traffic finder robot that has built sites to one million visitors per month. It works while you sleep. (This is NOT spam in case you're wondering.) Plan 15.

* How to promote associate programs and products by creating your own web site. Here's a simple, boiled-down plan you can follow. Plan 17.

* How to create and sell your own products as a tremendous front-end lead generator. Plan 16.

* Entrance and exit pops. When and how to use them. Plan 14.

* How to get traffic via pay-per-click search engines. Plan 13.
(This gets you immediate traffic. Especially useful for testing)

* How to snag visitors using sig files and forum postings. Plan 12. (You can use this one within 30 minutes of buying the product)

* Submit ezine articles with special traffic bait. Plan 11. (Ezine articles are great because they're free. Combine this special traffic bait with them for a winning combination.)

* How to set up your autoresponder system

* How to get people to sign up for your autoresponder system

* How to use ezine ads

* How to write ferocious little ads that pull like a tug boat but don't cost much. (A friend of mine tells me he sold 10 million dollars online via these little giants so don't underestimate them.)

* How to write follow up emails--Plan 9

* How to write and use and endorsement email

* How to use your ezine to make sales--Plan 8 (This is one many ezine owners don't use and it works like mad)

* How to combine a powerful freebie offer with banner ads--Plan 7.

* How to use free ebooks--Plan 6.

* And much more.

Here's the price and why this product
won't actually cost you a dime

What you get is access to a digitally delivered ebook, in .exe or .pdf format.  You can read through each chapter online and print it out if you want to.

You get Marlon's complete system, all 23 plans for only $19.95

The question is, is it worth 20 bucks to know how to get traffic for your associate program and make more sales. Just one or two sales will pay for the product, right?

Plus, you have my moneyback guarantee...

Ironclad, one year,
100% moneyback guarantee

The Associate Program Marketing Handbook is backed by a one year, satisfaction guarantee. Anytime within one year of purchase, just drop us an email, and we'll refund your money. But it's a great product. So don't worry. You won't want your money back.

It's easy to order the Associate Program Marketing Handbook. Just click the link below. You can download the Associate Program Marketing Handbook digital product on the spot.

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